Welcome to Hope Redefined. This is a place to find real support for women who have been affected by sexual addiction. Betrayal Trauma is a real thing and healing from it IS possible.

Lyschel offers support in two main ways:

Lyschel was the calm in the storm on many occasions – and with the calm she offered my panic – I was able to have more clarity and calm myself. Critical information on how to view and address my own issues as well as healthy approaches to dealing with my child and her situation.

She works magic. I have no idea how she does it but in the most non-threatening way she helps me to find clarity in my own issues simply by asking me questions that I think help me to see my own issues and how I might address them in a healthier way. This is much more effective and pleasant than someone forcing their own views on you and being left feeling criticized or judged.

She is caring, calm, compassionate and smart! I find her to be an extremely talented and skill coach. She is also sensitive and thoughtful, noticing areas I may need help in that an observant way, without being asked. She goes the extra mile.

Joni M., Coaching Client

Lyschel listened to me. She asked me questions in where I was able to gain insight into what areas I was feeling stuck. She provided a space where I was able to process and not feel judged. When talking to her in the beginning we set goals and I thought sarcastically “sure this is going to work and help me feel unstuck.” Then within a few weeks I saw changes within me from working on these goals that I didn’t think would really work. It took awhile but I started to feel less unstuck. I think one of the biggest surprises was when we initially set up the goals. Lyschel listened to me and heard something and was able to help me identify a goal I needed to work on without even seeing it. It ended up being a huge stepping stone!

Life changing! I don’t say that lightly. I feel like it has changed to course of my life. I think her greatest gift is empathy. She provides a space to listen, talk and help me process through situations.

Kristin I., Coaching Client