Welcome to Hope Redefined

Hope Redefined Ministries a 501(c)3 ministry was birthed from the passion to love and support women who are faced with sexual betrayal in their marriage and close relationships. It is a place to find real life support, encouragement and other women who are facing similar pain but refuse to succumb to the destruction that this sin can have on so many of us.

We offer support in four main ways: Personal Coaching (One on One),  Group Support, Healing Retreats, and being a Community Resource.

This group is a safe place that helps you grow in your understanding of the situation and yourself as well as in your relationship with the Lord. You are in the company of wives who have gone through similar experiences; you can share your struggles with them, listen to theirs, and pray. The facilitator’s questions help you reflect on yourself, your responses to this painful struggle, and God’s truths that speak to those.

Group Participant

Oh my word, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I received this weekend. The Lord did a much needed deep work in my heart & healed my heart from the hurt of betrayal in so many ways. I came to this retreat broken, sad, full of despair and grief. I am leaving restored, full of joy, and full of hope for the future. The Lord affirmed to me that He is good, the He is faithful, the He is my safety, that He is my protector and He is enough. The team was so full of the love of Jesus and felt very safe. They gave me the space I needed and freedom I needed to go to the places I needed to go to and that the Lord wanted to work in. I am leaving renewed, restored. My Hope IS Restored! Thanks You! – Sue

If you are on the fence, jump on over because what He has in store for you is so great & healing. He will pick you up & bandage your wounds & give you tools to fight/keep fighting! – Emily

Thank you so much for this weekend! How the Lord has worked in the facilitators own betrayal stories helped me move forward in my own journey. I LOVED this experience! I loved the use of tangible objects. I loved the visuals, prayers, and tools. It was ALL so intentional. I loved learned tools to help with feeling stuck in my thoughts. Thoughts have been a real struggle for me and keep me in an unhealthy pattern. The Lord has truly given you all a gift in reaching/loving on women facing the aftermath of betrayal. – Erica

Retreat Participant Testimonials