Finding Hope Support Documents


The links and documents contained on this page are strictly for those who have registered for a Finding Hope support group through Hope Redefined.

Throughout our time in the group we will make reference to the resources shared on this page. Please take full advantage of these extra resources throughout your recovery journey.

Online educational videos
Affair Recovery – excellent place to learn more about what betrayal trauma and impact of infidelity on a marriage.  (Gaslighting, betrayal trauma, boundaries, reconciliation,etc) 

Link to YouTube playlist

Restoring Trust: Feelings and Exercise instructions
We refer to this in group as FANOS. Check out the blog that offers instructions for us as couples trying to restore trust.

Identity Work:
God’s Voice vs Satan’s Voice

Who I am in Christ, Neil Anderson. This document can be used to work on your identity in Christ. What does God have to say about you vs what you or the world has to say about you

Inheritance, Graham Cooke

Prayers for healing and restoration
(Coming Soon)

Book Recommendations