Carol Juergensen Sheets LCSW CSAT PCC

Hope Redefined Ministries has a weekend healing retreat that my client participated in, because she felt burnt out, exhausted, and fatigued from the work she had been doing around her husband’s sexual addiction. My client is an extremely hard worker and needed something to restore and rejuvenate her.

When she attended this extremely spiritual weekend healing retreat, she found, even before she got there, a group of people that supported her and checked in with her prior to her arrival. She said, “I knew I was in the right place before I even got there because they were invested in my safety and support.”

The weekend restored her sense of self and gave her a special connection to her higher power, which filled her up with hope, strength, and recovery. She followed the retreat with a set of aftercare groups that she also found immensely healthy. This group of professionals, both clinicians, coaches and support people, had thought everything through to make this healing retreat an unconditional place for women to do their work, grieve their losses, and move on in their lives.

I will be sending many other women to the Redeemed Hope Healing Retreat.